Mickey Mouse vs Bugs Bunny. Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons Season 3

Mickey Mouse vs Bugs Bunny. Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons Season 3.

Mickey Mouse vs Bugs Bunny
Battle information
Release date August 25, 2014
Number 37
Length 2:10
Previous Captain Planet vs Ms. Frizzle
Next Garfield vs Heathcliff
Other information
Actors Stofferex
Rappers Mickey Mouse
Bugs Bunny
Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons!
— Announcer
Mickey Mouse vs Bugs Bunny is the thirty-seventh installment of the Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons series and is the fourth installment of Season 3. It was released on August 25, 2014. It features Warner Bros. mascot Bugs Bunny rapping against Disney mascot Mickey Mouse.

Cast and creditsEdit

Stofferex as Bugs Bunny
WoodenHornets as Mickey Mouse

Written by Matthew Thomas, B-Lo Lorbes, Anthony Perry, HyperJacob96, Frenzy, and Fel
Edited, subtitles, and battle mixed by Matthew Thomas


Bugs Bunny:
Ehh, what’s up doc? This Looney Tune will kick your ass
I’m gonna be like Road Runner, and make my point fast
I’m coming in fast, like a Tazmanian Devil
You know not to mess with the bunny from the meadow
In my opinion, you’re an outlaw, I should call Yosemite Sam
Classic my ass, you should give some credit to Felix the Cat, you scam
All you do is copy off others, we should call you Mickey Parrot
Cmon and come over here, so I can snap you like a carrot!

Mickey Mouse:
Who does this bunny think he is, a wannabe of me?
There’s no way you can face this Epic Mickey
Step away from my clubhouse, there’s no way you’ll be getting in
You seriously think you’re gonna win? You must be Goofin’
When I was back in black and white, I had all the people laughing
At least my buddy, Donald is more happy than your buddy, Daffy!
It’s Rabbit season Bugsy, so you better scram
You really set the bar low, when you did the movie, Space Jam!

Bugs Bunny:
I couldn’t make out what you said, you were stuttering like Porky
Take your annoying high voice outta here, I can’t stand you talking
I beat Thumper in rap so I can take Mickey on, just listen
And you’re suppose to be for children? You were the symbol of racism!
Stay in your Clubhouse, you’ll be forgotten like Oswald the Rabbit
I’ll take your sweetie Minnie, and give her my tasty carrot
Compare me and you, all the kids loved me the most
Let me end this fight now, that’s all folks!

Mickey Mouse:
Oh, you think that you're clever, you think you can steal Minnie?
No! The only girl you'll get is that Amy Rose ripoff, Lola Bunny!
Why did you go to the real world? We’re you too tired of being fake?
Go Back in Action, before I cook this rabbit and make carrot cake
My rhymes are cooking, you best be calling them Remy the Rat
I’ll squish you like a bug, Bugs, try learning to rap
Your raps are more of a disaster than your new Looney Tunes show


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  • In the original version, Cam played Bugs Bunny, and the lyrics were different. He got replaced by Stofferex, and the lyrics were revised.
    • The original version was later removed from SoundCloud.



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