(APRIL FOOLS) Luigi vs Vegetables

(APRIL FOOLS) Luigi vs Vegetables. Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons Season 2

Luigi vs Vegetables
Luigi vs Vegetables
Battle information
Release date April 1, 2014
Number April Fools Special
Length 2:10
Previous Rocko vs Lazlo
Next Fred Flintstone vs George Jetson
Other information
Actors Zack (CMRB)
Matthew Thomas
Anthony Perry
Rappers Luigi
Epic Rap Battles of Creep- I mean Cartoons
— Announcer
Luigi vs Vegetables is the 2014 April Fools Special of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons. It features the green plumber, Luigi, battling against the world's healthiest food, Vegetables.

Cast and creditsEdit

Zack (CMRB) as Luigi
Matthew Thomas as Vegetables
PaletteReviews as Mario
Anthony Perry as Fruits

Written by Matthew, PaletteReviews, Zack, WoodenHornets, and B-Lo Lorbes
Edited by Matthew
Battle mixed by Matthew


Epic Rap Battles of Creep- I mean Cartoons

SHROCK! the battle of the greens has BEGUUUUUUUUNNNNN
So how about you get out of here and ride to the SUUUUUUNNN
They call me Luigi, cause I'm gay for you
Me vs healthy stuff? come on, get a clue
No kids like vegetables, everyone knows that
I’m gonna murder with my fucking green hat
Kids are forced to eat you, but everyone plays my game
The way you taste is just the same

Look at this, I’m battling a fucking green dick
What’s those noises you make? You gotta take a SHIIIIIIIIITTTTTT?
I’m a number 1, which means you lost
Even though I’m healthy, I’d rather eat sauce
Hey Luigi, you look like linguini
Are you jealous since you saw a girl in a bikini?
I save children, you save peach, she is a bitch
That gets kidnapped on the beach

It’sa me mario, gonna take down this hoe
My flow is more sick than Super Mario 64, bro
Vegetables has a small penis, and he’s a dick
I’m hungry for a vegetables picnic!!!
I’m on the store, but this time you’ll be on the shelf
Me rapping you is not safe for my health
I mean, a vegetable? I prefer money
I’m gonna beat you again, and beat you again honey!

I'm a fucking fruit, better then fruity loops
I can make a better rap when i take a poop
I'm a fruit, you're just gay
I will kill you with my gaterade
Everyone loves me, but Luigi is dead now
I may not be snow but suck my snow plow!!!
So now that the battle of greens and reds are over
We would like to say go jump inside of a four leaf clover


Wow, I don’t mean to be a bad egg, but I gotta say

Mario!!! It that really you? You’ve put on a crap load of weight!

I was chilling peacefully on my island - you’ve messed with the wrong dino

Take another step closer and I’ll headbutt you like a rhino! (Yoshi!)

DK thinking he’d win he’s full of bananas

Unless you wanna be knocked from the forest to savannahs!

And I’m not gonna exclude these two paisanos

Get off my back! This man’s gotta go!

Know that you’re too fat to ride me around - go sit in a wagon

As I head off and take the crown as the one true Super Dragon!


I barely heard your voice and I know why you hate speech

Zip your fat Lip-tons, and tone down the normie screech

It may be none of my business, but are you alright?

Or are you feeling bad, man, with the Furie-ous alt-right!

It’s Easy Being Green when presented with my flow

And when I’m runnin’ the Show, I can just roll up the window

The Constantine Truth’s that that Boi’s a bad may-may

A joke beaten to death is the least rare Pepe!



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  • This is the first April Fools battle from the series.


Coming Soon!


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