Well thank god for the subtitles! I can barely comprehend you!

Donald Duck vs Daffy Duck is the 56th installment of Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons, and the 23th installment of season 3. It features the classical Disney duck, Donald, against the classical Warner Bros. duck, Daffy. It was released on August 3, 2017 on SoundCloud and August 12, 2017 on YouTube.



Daffy Duck:Edit

Never in my life did I think I'd have to deal with ya
The old-school quack pack rocks Nazi memorabilia
I throw wits with every syllable, your show is just so typical
I'm the pinnacle of spittable flows while you're just despicable
Aw shucks, this lackluster thinks he'll take down the Duck Amuck?
Elmer can't even compare to the shots I'll spit in this Duck Hunt
And your mousey friend couldn’t even last ten minutes with Bugs
No need to Duck Avenge yourself, I'm the king of Space Dunk
Yes, you might be the first, but in the ring, you'll last secondly
Looking short-tempered as I rap over these Merrie Melodies
Step back Onto Ice, you're not close to a challenge for me
Let's see what happens when this Loonatic is Unleashed

Donald Duck:Edit

So they put me up against this Looney fraud? Aw, phooey!
I had better times dealing with Huey, Dewey, and Louie!
You're more stupid than I thought, you should've been left to rot
‘Cause it's pretty obvious which character Tex Avery ripped on
Lay off Jordan's ‘special stuff', your fleet of flaws are endless
Duck Dodging the facts? And they said that I was jealous
I'm a royal Musketeer, while you're a simpleton squealer
And I'll show this unoriginal duck with a lisp whose Superior
You won't be Back in Action once I'm slapping this failure
I'm the captain of this ship, while you're nothing short of a sailor
This verbal wall I built will leave you more broken than Pete
So who's Darkwinning this? One guess, but who? No one but me!

Daffy Duck:Edit

Well thank god for the subtitles! I can barely comprehend you!
Don't think your birds of a feather will try to go and defend you
You're putting me to sleep with your exhausted gags and jokes
You thought I was done? No! That's not all, folks!
Your comedy's atrocious, filled with incoherent quacking
When my mallet meets your mouth, you'll be too busy napping
You're irrelevant, while I'm a toon perfect for cartoons
But hey, let me know if they ever give YOU a reboot

Donald Duck:Edit

Oh boy! It seems you're forgetting something, I mean clearly
Your Looney Tunes Show can't compare to my 2013 series
You're in Deep Duck Trouble, you can't escape from this beating
When I'm gunning down your bars, like it's duck hunting season!
You thinking you'll be the victor is richer than my Uncle Scrooge
Just look at yourself, Idiot Eyes, you're nothing but a Goof
So now that I'm through with this duck more irritating than Chip n' Dale
See Ya Later Gladiator, I'm putting an end to this Duck Tale!


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  • This battle is the spiritual sequel to Mickey Mouse vs Bugs Bunny.
  • In the SoundCloud version, Daffy says "Well thank god for this description" in the beginning of his second verse instead of "Well thank god for the subtitles."
  • This battle was released the same day the 2017 DuckTales reboot premiered on Disney XD, which was also promoted at the end of the video.
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