Dipper Pines
Dipper title card

Dipper's title card in #2

Character Information
Birth name Dipper Pines
Nickname(s) Dipper
Sir Dippingsauce
Dipper Classic
Original Dipper
Dr. Fun Times
Captain Buzzkill
Dipper the Destructor
Honest Dipper
Pine tree
First Aired June 15th, 2012
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Black
Based On
Rap Battle Information
Appeared In Finn the Human vs Dipper Pines
Mabel Pines vs Catbug
Finn the Human vs Dipper Pines 2
Vs Finn the Human
Chris Kirkman
Jake the Dog
Release Date March 1, 2013 (round one)
May 17, 2013 (Mabel Pines vs Catbug)
December 11, 2014 (round two)
This is Gravity Falls, guess what? you fell!
— Dipper Pines

Dipper Pines battled against Finn the Human in Finn the Human vs Dipper Pines and it's sequel. He also helped his sister Mabel by rapping against Catbug and Chris Kirkman in Mabel Pines vs Catbug. He was played by Matthew Thomas in all three battles.

ERBOCartoons BioEdit

Hello, fellow YouTubers. That is, if you are one, but then why are you here? I would assume that if you are here, then... I mean... My name is Dipper Pines. I may be 5 minutes younger than my sister, Mabel Pines, but she is more childish. I am curious and clever. Also, 12 years old. We uncover weird mysteries in Gravity Falls. You never know when they strike.

Finn the Human vs Dipper PinesEdit

Verse OneEdit

It’s time to solve a mystery of your noodle arms,
Are you’re trying to get you’re own brother harmed?
You’re hat looks like a bunny who’s really dumb,
My sister made a sweater for you, made out of Princess Bubblegum.
Adventure Time? it’s already noon,
If anyone in the Land of Ooo is a joke, it’s probably you.
This is Gravity Falls, guess what? you fell,
if I could say that you got kidnaped, I can’t even tell.
My hat looks like a normal one, yours looks fucking weird,
I’m still wondering, are you and Jake queer?
You smell like pork chops and bacon grease,
My sister’s pig will give you a disease.

Verse 2Edit

Who wants a lamby? I do! I do!
But if you never say where you came from, you will be sued,
Oh, you think that you will scare me? even Mabel says,

Mabel Pines vs CatbugEdit

Step away from my sister, and let me begin
Are you the gay spotting tear bitching version of Finn?
Are you accused of what you did, is really what you did?
Now go away, you fucking piece of shit!

Finn the Human vs Dipper 2Edit

Verse OneEdit

Dipper Pines here to take down Finn the Human once again
I know you might be 15, but you seriously look like you're 10
My disses are as strong as Susan Strong, that wannabe She-Hulk
Once this battle is done, I'll crack your deformed skull
When you wear your hat, it makes you look like you have an ugly tumor
You're just a wannabe Flapjack, except no amounts of humor
This is your end Finn, in the end, you’ll be going to hell
I’ll chop you like that time when I went to Taco Bell
I’m gonna fight you like Fight Fighters, so come on, let’s Rumble
You’ll tumble, you’re in trouble, and we’ll do it as a double
I bet your verse is gonna be a waste of time, and it’ll be dull
I mean I don’t wanna be rude, but you have the brains of Waddles
I know I might not get the heart of Wendy, but what makes you think you can beat me?
You’ve been trying to get the heart of Bubblegum from episode 1 to Season 3
You’re more babyish than Time Baby, you’ll never get to date a lady
Maybe if you stop being lazy, get off your ass daily, you’re super crazy, you’ll never beat gravity

Verse TwoEdit

They call me Dipper Pines because I’m as tough as a pine tree
I could beat you any day and I’m not that manly
Your show actually got you popular? Congrats, have a $-12 dollar bill
never have anymore adventures after you hear my sister’s rapping skill

Verse ThreeEdit

It’s a mystery how you still think your rhymes are effective
Your show came first? Well guess what? I don’t give a duck-tective
I’ve been learning about the Mystery Shack throughout the summer, what did you do kid?
Don’t even dare spit another rhyme, or else you’ll be Finn-ished!

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