Danny Phantom is the one of the rappers who appeared in Casper vs Danny Phantom. Danny is the main character of Nickelodeon's Danny Phantom created by Butch Hartman. He battled Casper in Casper vs Danny Phantom and Ben Tennyson in Danny Phantom vs Ben Tennyson.


Daniel "Danny" Fenton, AKA Danny Phantom, is the half-human/half-ghost, and the main character of the television show series, Danny Phantom. Known as 'Danny Fenton' when a human and 'Danny Phantom' when a ghost, his primary goal is to save the citizens of Amity Park from the dangerous ghosts coming through the Fenton Portal. His voice is portrayed by David Kaufman in the series and most of the Nicktoons video games and by Keith Ferguson in Nicktoons MLB.


Casper vs Danny Phantom (played by Froggy)

Danny Phantom vs Ben Tennyson (played by Mickwhitefire28)


Casper vs Danny PhantomEdit

Verse 1Edit

I’m going ghost up you’re puny little ass,

go play with rats you little brat.

I am a ghost, you are just gay,

I will kill you with my prostate.

My ultimate enemy was me in 10 years,

Suck my mystery meat and shove it up it the ear.

I RULE THE WORLD! Call it Phantom Planet,

are you acting angry, cause you have Micro-Management?

Verse 2Edit

I wonder what’s so different from you to many ghosts,

wait, i think i got the answer, you’re not scary the most.

Danny Phantom, you need to stop you’re racism,

go to hell you little ghost pinniped.

Danny Phantom vs Ben Tennyson Edit

Verse 1 Edit

This kid will be toast even before I go ghost

Jazzing on the track, Fenton finding your show completely broke

You're third wheel to Gwen, whereas I am way past Dani

Take you down like Delilah, but I’m indeed more of a beast

Omniverse is the Worst, I’ll be your Ultimate Enemy

I’d leave you in the dust, but your films already did that for me

Your bars are Bloxx, and your flow stinks worse than Swampfire

So tell your grandpa to grab a plunger before you spit your cyphers

Verse 2 Edit

I'm going ghost!

(Danny Fenton transforms into Danny Phantom)

Your verse will be as useless and helpless as Alien X

You couldn't touch Vlad, you can barely take down Hex!

It won't Clock-work, I'll burn you to an ember, I got this in the Box

You can’t Omni-trick me with all those Alien Forced lines you’ve got

Hit this freakshow with a Ghost Ray, this Zombozo sucks balls!

You're overshadowed, I can see through your mind like I go through walls

You’re just a cocky immature kid who really needs to can it

‘Cause these ghostly rhymes will make sure you get off of Phantom’s Planet

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