Big Macintosh vs Applejack. Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons Season 2

Big Macintosh vs Applejack. Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons Season 2.

Big Macintosh vs Applejack
Battle information
Release date August 30, 2013
Number 19
Length 1:54
Previous Rocket Dog vs Brian Griffin
Next Squidward's Suicide vs Dead Bart
Other information
Actors Justin Buckner
Rappers Big Macintosh
Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons!
— Announcer
Big Macintosh vs Applejack is the nineteenth installment of the Epic Rap Battles of Cartoons series and is the fourth installment of Season 2. It was released on August 30, 2013. It features brother, Big Macintosh, rapping against sister, Applejack.


Justin Buckner as Applejack
Frenzy as Big Macintosh


YEE HA! time to face my big brother,
I'm the best apple farmer, second to no other.
Am i the best rapper, EYUP, you the best rapper, NOPE,
I will hang you up like an apple rope.
You were raised to say two words, that don't work for shit,
they should just call you just Mac, cause you aren't that big.
Just count the 4 numbers, 1, 2, 3, 4, Raise this barn,
I kick apple trees, so get ready to get harmed

Big Macintosh:
Shut the Hay Up, little sister, go and drink your apple cider,
you look new around here, let me give you a tour inside here.
I won't give you anymore apple fritter, you stupid jew,
heck, Applebloom is a better apple bucker than you.
Oh, you're name is Applejack? well i prefer Froot Loops,
You got 2nd place because theirs someone you can't handle to do.
They call me big for a reason, you name should've been Apple Teeny,
you only eat red apples, when there's yellow and green!

Your big? SURE! you make the muscle pony look like a fairy,
you have a useless character plot than R-R-R-Rarity.
Big Mac? i ordered an apple pie with apple fries,
you're like an old apple pie, so you deserve to die.
You look tired and sweaty, BUT NO BREAKS!
I'm the best apple archer for fucking god's sake.
I'm a better rapper than you, all you do is say yep and nope,
i would rather rap against Granny Smith cause you are fucking DOPE!

Big Macintosh:
NOPE! I won, you lost, cause i am the best,
You always getting apples always leads into a rest.
I might have not got the love of Miss Cherrilee,
but you didn't get any fame from saving the apple trees.
You don't deserve to be in the apple farm, go work with Flim Flam Bros,
I don't need to rap anymore cause you just got owned!
I won this battle, no doubt, you need to step up,
Am i the best apple farmer ever? Eeyup!


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  • In the comments section, a BMO vs GIR chain started. At first, Matthew Thomas didn't want to do it because he had another battle planned for BMO, but because he got 2,000 subscribers he did it as a treat for his fans.
  • This is the second battle to have two characters from the same show go agains each other. The first was DJ Pon3 vs Octavia.


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